Random Autumn observations…

Greetings patient blog readers, and apologies for the somewhat laissez-faire approach I have taken to blog writing recently. Clearly I haven’t been including enough fibre in my writing diet. But I am back, and have decided to share with you some of my random musings of the past wee while, as the blog has been quite movie and TV focused of late. And you know how I love my random observations. And lists. So here goes…

  1. I just don’t get the big deal about Beyoncé: the internet and twittersphere has been going crazy this week as Queen B (as some people call her apparently) ‘dropped’ a new album out of the blue. And everyone is loving it by the sounds. But, controversial as  it might be, I just don’t get the big deal about Beyoncé. Sure, she’s got a good voice and a great body, but so do lots of other singers who don’t evoke quite the same level of hero worship. What am I missing? Something, obviously. And of course my musical taste could be called into question thanks to me being a Swiftie (a Taylor Swift fan), and I understand that not everything appeals to everyone. But still, the level of excitement Beyoncé attracts from people is a mystery to me…
  2. ‘Congratulations, you have a boyfriend!’ ‘Um, thanks?’: so the biggest news in my life of late is I finally landed myself a boyfriend, after many years in the dating wilderness. And I am beyond stoked about it for SO many reasons – with the main one being he is awesome :-). But the weirdest thing about the whole deal was the reaction I (and he) got from many people when I told them my news, which was ‘congratulations’. Um, thanks? But I didn’t run a marathon or anything. I just did the easy bit, convince a really good friend who I really really like that we should give this dating thing a try. Is it worthy of a congratulations? I think if he was just some guy I met online I wouldn’t have had the congratulations – maybe it’s more about the fact we have been friends for four years and finally had the collective balls to take the next step and people are like FINALLY! Hence, congratulations? Anyway, I will take it. And I am happy people are happy. But it’s just a random thing is all.
  3. Labour, get your shite together! But it could be worse…: As a left leaning voter from way back, who finds John Key an embarrassment of a Prime Minister, thinking about our current political situation stresses me out. The polls are showing that no party has a chance of catching National, and no leader has a chance of being more popular than Key – despite the flag debacle (don’t even get me started on that one…) and ponytail gate. He is still the guy most Kiwis would prefer to be our PM. And as much as it makes me red in the face, I can’t put forward a better alternative. Andrew Little has been doing random as stuff of late, and he is realistically the only real contender. My genius idea is that Labour and the Greens should do some kind of merger and put James Shaw as leader – sure, he’s a bit young and lacking in experience – but he has a great blend of commercial nouse and political savvy. But that’s not going to happen, so a future of National policies and John Key being an embarrassment seems inevitable. But, at least we don’t have Trump. Enough said…
  4. I am quite weird, but it’s just my personality type!: We had a strategy day at work recently and as part of that we each had to complete online personality tests. And the results were fascinating! It’s quite similar to Myers-Briggs, which I have done before, but had interesting insights into things like what you’re like in romantic relationships – which given my current situation was both insightful and useful! I read that section nodding vigorously the whole way through – especially when it said ‘you need constant reassurance that things are going well, which can come across as needy and insecure’. Needless to say I pointed this out to The Boyfriend and said ‘see? It’s not me being a crazy tart, it’s my personality type’! Highly recommend it to anyone to do – in a relationship or not. Here’s the one we used: https://www.16personalities.com/ . (I am an ENFJ btw)
  5. Weight Watchers is the bomb-diggity – for me anyway: Earlier this year I participated in a ‘Biggest Loser’ competition with some colleagues at work – a collective start of the year kick up the bum to lose some weight and be healthier. Didn’t matter what we used to lose it – weird diets and exercise regimes all accepted, no judgement – but the winner (based on percentage weight loss) would take out the prize pool of cash (we all chipped in to enter). And, to my surprise, I won! I never win stuff – especially stuff that requires me to give up my daily chocolate fix. But I did, and my secret was Weight Watchers. It worked for me – and has before, this is the third time I have done it and the third time I have lost a decent amount of weight in a small amount of time. But I do think it’s all about finding the thing that works for you – based on your lifestyle and preferences. For me, Weight Watchers gives me the freedom to continue being a fussy as eater who sometimes likes to have a piece of cheesecake (almost an entire daily allowance of points btw!), but not have this ruin the whole thing. It taught me the things to avoid and useful things to substitute, and just writing down everything I ate was a great (if scary!) start. Also, the accountability of having to be weighed by a third party each week definitely helped me. Highly recommend. I have never been so stoked to be a loser 😉


Well, that’s all my random observations for this week! I will endeavour to be back soon with another blog – no doubt Marvel themed given the upcoming release of Captain America: Civil War, which I am super psyched about. Bring on the Marvellousness! In the meantime, peace out people!


2 thoughts on “Random Autumn observations…

  1. I think reassurance and insecurity goes hand in hand with being a woman, especially in a relationship (and I don’t care what you say, I’m saying hooray, you’ve got a boyfriend). I think women are more likely to be people pleasers and feel good when praised. And no, I don’t get it about Beyoncé either, but I’m pleased a woman is being recognised for her talent as well as her booty.

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