Small screen addictions: Autumn

SupergirlGreetings blog readers! Well, I have been back in the blog world for a wee while now but have focused purely on big screen adventures, when there is SO much going on in small screen land that it is a little overwhelming at times. The number of conversations I have with people where they say I ‘must’ watch a new show that is totes amazeballs, has been increasing with alarming regularity. Not that this is a bad thing – the fact we are in a so called ‘golden age’ of TV is pretty damn awesome. But also it’s hard to know how best to use the limited time you have to spend in front of your TV. Well, I feel it is my responsibility to weed out some wheat from the chaff, and let you know what has been knocking my socks off recently.

Jessica Jones: Regular readers will know I am a Marvel addict from way back (and by way back I mean like four years ago..), but that addiction hasn’t necessarily extended to the small screen. I didn’t make it through Season 1 of Agents of Shield, and try as I might to love Agent Carter I just didn’t. However, the Netflix shows – Daredevil and Jessica Jones – have changed all that. And I don’t just like Jessica Jones because she has the best name EVER 😉 The great thing about this show is it isn’t really a super hero show. At no stage does she disappear into a phone box and reappear in some lycra-spandex blend disguise. Jessica Jones is unapologetically who she is – and I love her for it. Add in David Tennant as the best baddie I have seen in a long time, and this show ticks all the boxes. Binge watch immediately…

The Night Manager: God bless the BBC, and the parents of Tom Hiddleston, for this incredible show. Yes, I know, I was always going to love anything with Hiddles in it, but this is almost two good for TV – and I am only two episodes in. Based on a John Le Carre novel, it is the story of good (ex-army now hotel night manager Hiddleston)  vs evil( ‘worst man in the world’ Hugh Laurie). It has a superb ensemble cast, brilliant script and just looks stunning – this is one show with no expense spared. Now, it still has four eps to go and could all fall apart, but I highly doubt it. Screening on TV3 On Demand for those in Nu Zild.

The Mindy Project: I have raved about this show before but it bears repeating – I love it so much. For anyone with a semi romantic bone in their body – this is the show for you. It’s witty, relatable, hits at the heart strings but is also just plain random at times. And Mindy’s outfits are AMAZEBALLS. I will say that I noticed a drop off in season 4 (which was made by Hulu when Fox didn’t renew), which is a shame – but it is worth inhaling Seasons 1-3 quick smart. Danny Castellano will be your new fictional crush, trust me.

Supergirl: now this is definitely popcorn entertainment, and won’t nourish the neurons in any fashion at all, but it’s a fun show. Also – although it wears its feminist heart on its sleeve, whereas Jessica Jones is much more subtle about it – its a great show for young girls to be watching. Even if they all grow up expecting to leap buildings at a single bound (and to always have amazing looking hair despite just doing battle with aliens). Supergirl/Kara is super endearing and surrounding her with guys who are great eye candy makes for great TV for me I have to say. And nice to see Calista Flockhart returning to form as media mogul Cat Grant. Oh, and Channing Tatum’s wife plays a lawyer. What’s not to love?

Homeland: I will admit I was thinking this show had gone off the rails at the beginning of season 4, but I followed my friend Felix’s recommendation to persevere and god am I glad I did (thanks Felix!). This show just knocked it out of the park for me in this season (I haven’t seen season 5 yet since I am one of those non-downloady people). So many edge of the seat/must watch the next ep right now moments. Simply brilliant. Here’s hoping it can keep it up for another season. And here’s hoping we see more of Raza Jaffrey’s Pakistani intelligence agent because…yum 😉

Daredevil: So, it’s not Jessica Jones, but it’s still a pretty damn excellent Marvel show. The fact that it escaped from the shadow of the TERRIBLE Ben Affleck movie is almost praise enough. I have debated at length with a few people whether this show or Jessica Jones is darker/more intense – I definitely found this one the more intense watch, and couldn’t do more than one ep in a row. But it’s a great show – Charlie Cox is brilliant in the title role, and I love his friendship with Foggy (Foggy! What a great name for a lawyer!). And Vincent D’Onofrio’s baddie is pure evil and suitably unsettling. Season 2 comes out on Netflix this Friday, so you have a week to catch up. No pressure guys 😉

Ok, there you go – I could go on and on forever, but this will suffice for now. If you think I have missed any obvious contenders (and yes, I thought about Game of Thrones, Suits, Jane the Virgin and Love, but they didn’t make the cut ;-)) feel free to let me know in the comments. And my plea to you all – please please please watch any of these shows, or literally do ANYTHING else, rather than watch The Bachelor. You’re better than that people 😉




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