Golden Globes 2015: the best, the worst, the what were they thinking…

golden globes 2015Welcome to 2015! And what better way to start it off than with an awards ceremony wrap up. That’s right, quicker than you can say ‘prepare the mani-cam’, the Hollywoods awards juggernaut is off with a hiss and a roar, building up to the big cheese itself, the Oscars on February 22nd. This week was of course the most fun and relaxed of all of the ‘proper’ awards shows (excluding MTV’s which are a law unto themselves) – the Golden Globes. Returning for the final time to present were the legendary duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They intimated on the red carpet that, since they couldn’t be fired, they would take a no holds barred approach to their jokes – which to some degree they did, but more on that later…

Let’s start with, if we’re honest, almost the most important part of awards shows these days – the fashion. Watching the red carpet coverage shortly after seeing Into the Woods – I couldn’t help but think these shows are like the equivalent of a prince’s ball in Cinderella’s day – it is all about what you wear. And how you wear it. As always, there were some epic fails, and some knock them out of the park successes. Overall though, I would have to say this year was relatively conservative on the clothing front – lots of reds and whites and the ever reliable black. Colour appeared occasionally but not to dazzling effect. But, enough already, here is my best and worst list:

Best Dressed

Emily Blunt: ok, so I picked her as Best Dressed in my Golden Globe sweepstake (which I won BTW!) so I kind of had to champion her white crossover dress, but I really did love it. Simple, elegant, stunning. Blunt almost always looks amazing, and I couldn’t help but think this would have looked even more awesome in like a royal blue or emerald green – but white still rocked it. Love.

Anna Kendrick: Looking more like Cinderella than she did in Into the Woods when she WAS Cinderella – I loved this girly, floaty, white, pink and purple dress on Kendrick. I would have preferred her hair to be a little less severe, but she still looks incredible. And despite the fact that I think she is genuinely awesome, I would steal this dress off her if a) it wasn’t ten sizes too small for me and b) I had the chance 😉

Salma Hayek: So I know, all three of my best dressed are wearing some variation on a white (ish) dress – but Salma’s is too perfect not to include. Of course, this woman could wear a sack and still look AMAZING, but here she looks simply stunning. The belt and accessories give the simple white dress the required level of bling – though I could have done without the slightly random hair accessories. Simple hair tops off the whole look. Simply perfect.

Worst Dressed

Jennifer Lopez: Ah, J Lo. You had such promise back in the day when you were in Out of Sight with George Clooney and we all said ‘wow, she can actually act!’. But that promise has been eaten up by American Idol and soft core pornographic music videos – which makes this dress, taking the concept of low cut and high split to the next level, almost modest by comparison. One or the other probably would have been sufficient, and this wasn’t the only dress aiming for the ‘most low cut’ title – it was a common red carpet theme this year. Although some featured this on their ‘best’ lists, it was a ‘worst’ for me – though maybe I am a bit of a prude. And to be honest, if I could get away with wearing something like that at 46 I probably would.

Claire Danes: the Homeland star is always a little bit hit and miss on the red carpet and this is definitely a miss. It feels like she wandered into a small Middle Eastern village where they were filming the show, grabbed some bits of curtain and sewed it together. Of course, it is a hand made, feather concoction that probably took months to design and hand make – but it just looks blah. You can do better Ms Danes.

Melissa McCarthy: I refuse to believe it is impossible to dress larger women in a way that makes them look anything but dowdy, but awards show after awards show McCarthy manages to challenge this belief. This week’s was something else all together – the black skirt is fine – but a white blouse thing, and then the weirdest bow tie type thing ever??? NO NO NO NO NO NO.

Keira Knightley: Speaking of no, why did NO ONE out of the apparently thirty people who handmade this monstrosity for Keira say ‘oh god, this is going to look terrible’. I don’t hate the butterfly motif, which on it’s own might have been fine – but the doily around her neck and at the bottom? Just awful. She may be pregnant, but as many have proved before, pregnancy doesn’t mean being fashionable goes out the window. Definitely the worst of the night.

The ‘it was a brave move but you didn’t quite pull it off’…

Rosamund Pike: the first time I saw this I was like ‘wow’, then five seconds later said ‘no….’. To put this into context, Pike had a baby FIVE WEEKS AGO. Apparently legendary dress designer Vera Wang approached her and said ‘I know just what you should wear so soon after giving birth’, and this was the result. It could be a stunning dress, and massive plaudits to Pike for braving it, but it just doesn’t quite work.

But what about the show itself?

Well yeah, I guess it is more than just dresses. Starting with Tina and Amy – I had heard reviews before I watched the show myself that they weren’t as on form as previous years and, as much as I love them, I would have to agree. Although the monologue was as brilliant as any others they have done – and they took risks with North Korea and Bill Cosby jokes – their general banter throughout was definitely lacking something. In particular I think they could have done something better with their North Korea jokes – I am just not sure what. Highlights for me though:

“George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin this year. Amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the Enron case, was an advisor to Kofi Annan regarding Syria and was selected for a three-person UN commission investigating rules of war violations in the Gaza strip. So tonight, her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award.” 

Their game of ‘Who Would you Rather’, featuring Colin Farrell and Colin Firth, where Amy chose Colin Farrell ‘all day’, and Tina chose Firth for ‘a polite amount of time’.

‘Steve Carrell’s Foxcatcher look took two hours to put on, including his hair styling and make up. Just for comparison, it took me three hours today to prepare for my role as human woman’.

To watch the full monologue, click here. Well worth ten minutes of your time.

And what about the awards themselves? Oh yeah, there were awards! In terms of TV, I was cursing repeatedly the fact that all the good shows seem to be on Soho, which I am too cheap to pay for, or Netflix, which I am too technologically naïve to work out how to use. We haven’t seen Transparent yet, but it did very well, as did The Affair, which is a Soho show. I was kind of gutted to see True Detective not get any love. Although it was far from perfect, the performances of McConaughey and Harrelson were definitely awards worthy. Nice to see new talent being rewarded in the form of Gina Rodriguez for Jane the Virgin – haven’t seen the show but am keen to now.

In terms of movies, I was very stoked to see Boyhood getting love for acting (Patricia Arquette picked up best Supporting Actress), directing and best film (drama). Richard Linklater’s 12 year long passion project was more than a worthy winner. In the comedy category I was shocked to see Grand Budapest Hotel win out. Although I do love Wes Anderson, I didn’t love the film – though I accept many did. Is it possible it was just too Wes Andersony? I think so. But still, nice to see something innovative and quirky win out, though I was probably as surprised as many that Birdman didn’t win this category. Special mention to for J. K . Simmons for picking up Best Supporting Actor for his outstanding turn in Whiplash. Simply brilliant.

So that’s it, the Golden Globes done for another year. Oscar nominations are now out and being chewed over (no Lego? No Amy Adams? Not much diversity? Arg), and we have a few more award shows to go before the big night. My mission then – to see as many Oscar contenders as I can before February 22nd so that I can DOMINATE the family Oscar sweepstake. Check back here each weekend for my reviews. Peace out.


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