My Alternative Sexiest Man Alive list: 2014

tom hiddAh, it is that time of year when bloggers and news columnists start making lists and checking them twice – not for Santa related purposes, but to bestow the gift of recognition on worthy films, albums, books and the like from the year that has been. I am no different from most of those bloggers, and start my ‘end of year list-related blogs’ with the very important ‘Alternative Sexiest Man Alive’ list. As my regular blog readers may know, usually People Magazine’s choice of Sexiest Man is enough to make me get all ranty and force me to compile my own list. This year – however – their choice of Chris Hemsworth was actually a very worthy one. But, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t compile my own list since, yunno, tradition 😉

5. Chris Hemsworth: yes, the first time ever that People Magazine and I agree about something – albeit he is further down my list. But it is hard to argue with the man’s credentials. Not only does he actually look like a Norse god – as well as playing one in the movies – but he also proved his dramatic chops in the film Rush this year. Also, he just seems like a down to earth, chilled out guy – which one would expect from an Australian. So, although he possibly wouldn’t pass my ‘super smart’ requirement (my ‘sexiest’ criteria generally includes intelligence which, I know, is somewhat alternative), he makes up for it by being funny, nice, humble and…well, that body. And yes, definitely the fitter of the two famous Hemsworths, plus he doesn’t have the negative association of having once gone out with Miley Cyrus. To see him being all humble and cool – check out the Sexiest Man Alive reveal on the Jimmy Kimmel show here.

4. Seth Meyers: like I said, being super smart is a requirement for this list, and former SNL head writer and current Late Night host Seth Meyers definitely delivers on that front. Plus: those blue eyes and those dimples. MY GOD. If you are questioning my selection, I dare you to disagree once having watched this – his show’s recent Sorkin sketch, parodying the regularly used and repeated tropes of West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin. Sure, I am a Sorkin nut so having Seth and Sorkin in the same sketch was always going to blow my mind. But you can’t go past the fact that Seth is super super cute, as well as funny, smart and just an all round awesome guy. So, he makes the list, and even beats Thor. Well done Mr Meyers.

3. Scott Foley: hard to believe that the super hot guy in his early 40s currently romancing Olivia Pope on Scandal was also the same slightly geeky guy who was competing for Felicity’s affections in the show Felicity 15 years ago. Foley seems to have a thing for being part of complex love triangles on TV. I have to say, the years have been kind to Foley, with him being way hotter now than he was back then. Every week when I watch Scandal – and Olivia goes through her inevitable (and so annoying) ‘should I be with Fitz or Jake’ dilemma – I am literally yelling at the screen. It is a no brainer to my mind. The single, hot, decent guy who really cares about her (Jake/Foley) or the married, President of the USA who isn’t all that hot anyway (Fitz). So yeah, I am a Foley fan for sure. And he makes the list even without me knowing whether or not he passes the ‘smart’ test. With eyes like that, I don’t think it really matters…Check him out on Kimmel here talking about how some nut bar Scandal fans aren’t so supportive of him.

2. Chris Pratt: My, my, my – what a year Chris Pratt has had. Not only is he continuing to star as the hilariously dumb Andy Dwyer on my fave show of the year (spoiler!) Parks and Recreation, but he also found time to star in the biggest Marvel property of the year Guardians of the Galaxy while being lead voice on the brilliant Lego Movie. Oh, and he also shot a little movie called Jurassic World which releases this year. So to say Pratt’s star is on the rise is to put it mildly. And why is he suddenly so popular? I think he has something that many leading men lack – solid comedy chops while also having the ability to transform into an action star – and bring his comedic timing with him. He even managed to inject some light moments into the incredibly gripping final thirty minutes of last year’s Zero Dark Thirty, which is no easy feat. And Guardians of the Galaxy succeeded because he was such a convincing – and hilarious – leading man, creating a Han Solo for the next generation. In case you need more convincing, watch the Guardians trailer. He the man.

1. Tom Hiddleston: the number of people who still say ‘who?’ when I mention Hiddleston is shocking to me.  He is Loki of Asguard and is burdened with glorious purpose! How is he not a bigger star by now? He and massive international sensation Benedict Cumberbatch were progressing in a very similar way – small roles became bigger roles in huge franchises which translated into massive amounts of internet fandom (Hiddlestoners and Cumberbitches respectively). They both bring similar things to the table – smart, eloquent, tall, and English with charming manners and faces that are nice to look at. But Cumberbatch is beating Hiddleston so far in terms of profile. I think that may change though over the coming year, with Hiddleston having a number of new projects in the pipeline, as well as a cameo in the new Avengers film. But, I am kind of fine with him having a cult following for now – means I can say I picked him as my Sexiest Man Alive before he was cool (in fact, I have done it two years in a row).  Benedict be damned, Tom is the thinking woman’s sexiest man, and if you don’t believe me, check him out here with Cookie Monster. Hmmm, cookies…

Of course pulling this list together took weeks of soul searching and research, and there were some who almost made the cut but didn’t quite get there (which I am sure they will be gutted about). They include Mindy Project star Chris Messina, Australian star of both Zero Dark Thirty and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Jason Clarke, and – prepare to be shocked – the most excellent Woody Harrelson (of whom there was not nearly enough of in the most recent Hunger Games film). And, since I know it will be an FAQ, why has Ryan Gosling dropped off this year? There is no doubt that the man is still hot, but he has had a very quiet year this year directing a movie and becoming a Dad. He might make it back next year if he tries harder 😉

Til next week, and another list related-blog – fare ye well.



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