Trailer Park: Summer edition

ImageAs I make my way near to the bottom of my must see Oscar list (still to see Inside Llewyn Davis and Her – I managed to miss Nebraska, doh!), I am comforted in the knowledge that there are a pile of new and exciting flicks coming our way later this year. I spent much of this week watching, re-watching, talking about, Facebooking about and tweeting about one particularly AMAZEBALLS new trailer, which made me stand up and go – WAHOO! Which one you ask? All is revealed below, with some more honourable mentions, and one particularly dishonourable one…

Guardians of the Galaxy : this new flick from the prolific Marvel studios has had my interest piqued for a while – the combination of Parks and Rec legend Chris Pratt in a starring role, Bradley Cooper voicing a kick arse raccoon (yes, I said raccoon) and it having a more comedic tone, had me waiting for the trailer with anticipation levels on high. Not only did the trailer meet my expectations – it shattered them to smithereens – and got me whistling ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ all freaking week. If you haven’t watched it yet – even if you  aren’t that into Marvel (and really – are you feeling ok if you aren’t? ;-)) I urge you to give up 2 mins 30 seconds of your time and do so. You won’t be let down. If the movie is only marginally funnier than the trailer, it is still going to be more fun than a bag full of cats, and propel Pratt properly into the Hollywood stratosphere, where he well and truly deserves to be.

The Double: This one couldn’t be further from a rag tag bunch of space renegades – instead we have an indie flick based on a Dostoevsky novel, starring Jesse Eisenberg and…Jesse Eisenberg. As the title suggests, Eisenberg’ meek office worker has his life thrown into disarray when a new co-worker shows up, a new co-worker who looks like him, talks like him – who pretty much is him. When the new guy starts making moves on Eisenberg’s love interest (Mia Wasikowska, in another interesting role for her), he realises it is time to man up – or is it? The trailer pitches this with a darkly comedic tone, and Eisenberg seems born to play the role(s). And, it also has Vizzini from The Princess Bride in it. Awaiting with interest.

Godzilla: trailer makers of the world – pay attention! This is how you make a movie trailer! At a time when we seem to be drowning in trailers where you find out pretty much everything that happens in the movie (see Non-Stop, below), it is refreshing to see some quality trailer making still happening. And Godzilla, along with Guardians, is probably the cream of this year’s crop? Why? It uses one action set piece (a group of Halo jumpers leaping from a plane into a cloud-covered city leaving red smoke trailing behind them) as the basis for drawing you into the world of the film – and that is pretty much all you get. A fantastic score (if trailers have scores…I don’t really know?) underpins this action, which is then interspersed with brief shots of other bits of the film – and each of the main cast members. All you have time to do is go ‘oh the guy from Kick Ass! The other Olsen who isn’t a twin! Walter White! Juliette Binoche!) before you are left with the knock out punch – a brief but very impressive shot of the monster himself. Bring. It. On.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: This follow up to the excellent Rise of the Planet of the Apes has a very similar trailer structure to Godzilla – and again it works incredibly well. Underpinned by a rousing speech by that master of rousing speeches Gary Oldman – the trailer shows us that all has not been well in the fours years since the last film, with the apes well and truly kicking some human butt. Jason Clarke (another one destined for the Hollywood stratosphere – along with Pratt) gets a starring role and is well introduced here, with the simple line ‘I need to speak to Caesar’. But, this trailer is all about the Apes – and the long last shot, starting on Caesar/Andy Serkis’ face and panning out to show he is far from alone – is chilling. No monkeying around here (sorry…I couldn’t resist).

Non-Stop: as mentioned above, for some reason the idea of trailers giving you a taster or a tease of what you might expect from the main event seems to be forgotten by some trailer makers – and no more so is this evident than in the trailer for new Liam Neeson flick Non-Stop. Seriously, I have absolutely no need (nor desire) to see the film now, I can tell you what happens plot point by plot point based solely on the trailer. Of course – I could be wrong, maybe the film takes some random turns I am not expecting, or maybe all the action shown in the trailer happens in the first fifteen minutes. But I very much doubt it. Plus, the ridiculous premise of someone texting, yes – texting, an Air Marshall on board a trans-Atlantic flight saying they will kill someone every 20 minutes – then doing just that – seems potentially even worse than anything else I have seen Neeson in lately (except for The Grey). Despite an impressive support cast (Julianne Moore, Michelle Dockery and Lupita N’yongo) I would have to be dragged kicking and screaming to this one. No thanks.

So, aside from the latter, some super fun flicks awaiting us in the coming months. And in the meantime just do what I am doing and watch the Guardians trailer, over…and over…and over. What can I say, I am hooked on a feeling 😉



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