Golden Globes: The Giggles, The Gowns and The Glory

golden globes 2014The Golden Globes is the first big awards show of the year in Hollywood and is also, in my humble opinion, definitely the most fun. The guests get to eat, drink and socialise during the show – rather than sitting still for three hours dreaming about cheeseburgers (as I imagine they do at the Oscars). It also just has a far looser more relaxed vibe, which translates to the hosts and the presenters as well. It brings together the worlds of film and television, which are increasingly overlapping this year (with Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Michael Sheen – all best known for TV – being nominated for their small screen roles, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus being nominated in both). I am pretty sure, if a genie came along and said ‘Jess – you can go to any awards show in Hollywood, which one will it be?’, I would choose the Globes for sure. And this year’s show just cemented that choice for me.

So, what was so great about the Globes you ask? Well, let’s start with the giggles. Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler – returning after last year’s success and also locked in for next year – well and truly brought the funny (as I assured you in last week’s blog they would do). If you haven’t watched their opening monologue yet, please please do – here it is. If you don’t laugh your arse off, as the kids say these days, I will be very surprised (and a little worried about your mental state…)). But it wasn’t just the opening monologue – or even the hosts – who made it an hilarious show. Presenters can always be a bit hit and miss, but there were stand outs this year – including Robert Downey Jr (someone give him a hosting gig, please!) and Jim Carrey’s timely Shia LaBeouf wisecrack. And of course Tina and Amy returned throughout the show to keep things moving, and keep us laughing. For my money (spoiler alert!), these were their top three funniest jokes…

1. ‘We are going to get this show done in three hours – or as Martin Scorsese calls it, ‘Act One”.

2. ‘One of my favourite films this year is the movie ‘Her’…which takes place in the not so distant future, which is perfect because so does Joaquin Phoenix’.

3. ‘Gravity is nominated for best film. It’s the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age’. (that one brought the house down, and was by far my favourite. Just a shame Clooney wasn’t there for a reaction shot).

Moving on to the gowns, because really – half of the fun of these awards shows is seeing the pretty dresses, there were as usual some amazing examples of haute couture and some amazing examples of what not to wear. Here were my top three best dressed (all the dresses are in one handy place on the interweb here):

1. Cate Blanchett: in black lace with a surprising back dip she looked the very picture of refined elegance – so pretty much the opposite of what you would expect from an Australian 😉

2. Amy Adams: I had a feeling Amy was going to change things up for this awards show – as she generally goes for fairly conservative and simple outfits. This plunging pink and red halter dress shouldn’t work but does – for me anyway! She can pull it off, and does it well here.

3. Lupita N’yongo: the newcomer nominated for 12 Years a Slave looked like she had been working red carpets for years in this amazing orange caped dress. I have no words other than – AMAZEBALLS.

And now the bad…

1. Hayden Panettiere: the former Heroes cheerleader looked like she was attending a school prom in this basic and boring black and white number, and appears to have stuck a metallic bow on it to make it look better. You can do better Hayden.

2. Lena Dunham: I love Lena, and her show Girls, and this yellow number is a minor improvement on last year – but still not great. It isn’t flattering and the yellow doesn’t really work for her. You can rock a great dress Lena, I know you can!

3. Aubrey Plaza: this purple and pink number is OK from the front, but turn around and you see an awful, massive bow. No no no. Aubrey is known for being kooky and alternative, and she probably would have been better rocking something like what Elizabeth Moss wore. Sorry…

But, the giggles and the gowns weren’t what we were tuning in for – it was the glory of who was going to win what. As anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know, generally awards shows make me grumpy since they give awards to the wrong people/films. This time though – due to a combination of my not having seen many of the nominees and also the Hollywood Foreign Press maybe getting it right – I was pretty happy with how things played out. Not all my predictions came true – but they were based more on who I thought would win than should win. I was SO stoked to see Amy Poehler finally get a Best Actress nod for Parks and Recreation – the first real awards love the brilliant show has garnered. Very pleased too for Matthew McConaughey – who is going from strength to strength with Dallas Buyers Club and Mud, and an hilarious cameo in Wolf of Wall Street. His acceptance speech also goes down as one of the best ever (‘Alright, alright, alright!’). The HFPA also spread the love between 12 Years a Slave (Best Film – Drama), Gravity (Best Director) and American Hustle (Best Film, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress – Comedy) – which was pleasing. My only sore point was Leo DiCaprio winning Best Actor – Comedy for Wolf of Wall Street. As I blogged about before, not only is this not a comedy but I don’t think his performance was all that. For a full list of winners and losers, check out Empire Magazine’s as always excellent coverage here.

All in all, a fun night of entertainment and well worth the ticket price (well, the Sky subscription at my sister’s house – thanks Kate!). Now roll on the Oscars on March 1st. More reviews and predictions to come on the blog between now and then.


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