My alternative Sexiest Man Alive list 2013 (TV)

jim harperTo all of you who have been waiting with baited breath for this list to emerge – the wait is over! To those of you (mostly guys) who are hoping for a return to regular programming on the blog – fear not – it shall return next week (well – sort of, next week will bring a wrap up of 2013 – best movies, best TV shows and best other stuff). But, for the aforementioned group of you, without further ado, here are the men who lit up the small screen for me this year.

5. Dean O’Gorman: further to the disclaimer in last week’s blog, there is some cross over between TV and movies in these lists – with Dean now famous internationally for playing Fili in that movie about the hobbits. However, I have been a fan of his for years (since he was a young thing on Shortland Street) and he is one of the many fantastic things about the lamentably cancelled The Almighty Johnsons. To be honest it was a tussle between Dean and his co-star Emmett Skilton – and although Emmett had it over Dean in terms of height and youth, the fact that Dean could overcome playing an incredibly selfish and sexist character and STILL be appealing gives him the win. Am really hoping that his Hobbit fame draws American fans to The Almighty Johnsons (which is to play on the SyFi channel) – and NZ On Air rue the day that pulled funding for this fantastic show.

4. Gabriel Mann: I remember noticing Mann in a small role in The Bourne Supremacy (he had the ‘skinny, geeky, weedy’ look which is apparently my ‘type’!) and being gutted when he was unceremoniously killed off half way through. I was over the moon then when, watching new show Revenge a couple of years back he popped up again – this time as a main character, and not just a main character but arguably the most interesting character on the show. I have debated with friends his merits – they claiming that his co-stars Josh Bowman and Nick Weshler are better looking. Maybe so, but this isn’t the Best Looking list, this is the Sexiest Man list – and to make the list you need both good looks AND personality. And Mann has both in spades. Plus a distinctive sartorial style (which he appears to translate well from the show to the red carpet) and a youthful face that belies his 41 years (yes, I said 41). Bring on more Nolan-focused plot lines on Revenge I say 🙂

3. Alex O’Loughlin: Ok, so having JUST said that it was a combination of personality and looks that gets people on this list, I have to admit that I can’t say anything at all of an informative nature about this Hawaii-50 star’s personality. But…I mean, just look at him! How could he not be on the list? Sure, he is Australian, and sure he is Australian in that ‘beef-cake that surfs a lot’ kind of way, but still…just look at him! I love Hawaii-50 – it is my guilty pleasure for the week – and the highlight of each ep is always the banter between O’Loughlin’s Steve and Scott Caan‘s Dano. I get the impression that this banter probably transcends the show – they have the kind of chemistry it would be hard to fake. It should be said that Caan almost made the list too – but his slicked back hair denied him a spot. See a hairdresser Scott then maybe we can talk 😉

2. Alexander Skarsgard: Despite the fact that True Blood jumped the shark a long time ago, and I stopped watching it earlier this year, Alexander still makes the list (and number 2 no less). There is no arguing with the fact that he is one of the best looking men in Hollywood – tall, blonde and Nordic – he makes an impression, whether as a blood sucking vampire or even in a completely crap movie like Battleship (yes, I saw Battleship. Yes, it was terrible. Yes, Hollywood should stop making movies out of board games). But Alexander proved he has some serious acting chops this year in the terrific What Maisie Knew (if you haven’t seen it – do, it is excellent). It takes some skill to go toe to toe with acting legend Julianne Moore (on sensational form as one of the most self-absorbed characters you will ever see on screen), but he more than held his own. I look to see what other interesting choices he makes – especially when True Blood finally sinks its teeth in for the last time next year.

1. John Gallagher Jr: If there was one thing that kept me watching The Newsroom during it’s not so impressive first season, it was this man. I will freely admit I am a sucker for extremely intelligent, articulate, romantic, do-gooder types, and his role as Jim on The Newsroom is the exact personification of that. He is like the Newsroom equivalent of Josh from the West Wing, but without all the baggage. So, this is probably one choice where personality (of character) give maybe a less better looking guy the win – but he is thoroughly deserving of it. I can’t wait to see him in indie hit Short Term 12 – and apparently he can also sing and dance (he has won a Tony and everything!). So, a controversial choice maybe – but watch The Newsroom (Season 2 is MUCH better, trust me), then see if you agree. Side note: if he looks familiar to you West Wing fans – he had a role as a love sick teen volunteer in the episode where Josh, Toby and Donna get left behind in the countryside by the campaign bus.

Other honourable mentions this year go to Parks and Rec regulars, and genuinely funny guys, Chris Pratt and Adam Scott, The Hour’s main man Ben Whishaw and, oddly, The Walking Dead’s David Morrisey for making me go ‘oh wow, that guy from State of Play is actually quite hot as The Governor…until he turned into a homicidal psycho…’.

As mentioned above next week I will be back with my wrap up of the best of 2013 on the big screen, small screen, radio and other things. If you have any contenders you would like to submit for my consideration, please feel free to comment here or on Facebook. Thanks!


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