Three random but (only just a little bit) related topics

merrittSo, I was born in October. Why am I telling you this? Two reasons really. One, so you can feel free to shower upon me happy birthday sentiments next month – I am one of those people who loves birthdays and can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t. Presents? Centre of attention? Parties? Hell yeah. But the second reason is more important here – it means I am a Libra and, as anyone who knows any other Libras will tell you – it means we are amazingly indecisive. So indecisive in fact that sometimes we struggle to decide on a blog topic for the week so have to put three seemingly (and really totally) unrelated topics into one and try and link them with the most flimsy of connections. All that goes to explain this blog post. I hope it is sufficient to allow me to break what seems to be an unwritten rule of blogging – each post should have one purpose/focus/topic. Oops 😉

So, three things got me super excited/angry this week, and these were they:

1. Merritt Wever won an Emmy: The Emmys, the awards for TV shows, were surprisingly eclectic this year, with some very unexpected winners and losers. I, for one, was just stoked to see Modern Family NOT win all the acting awards for comedy shows – even though it still took the gong for Best Comedy. But the Emmys saw fit to give Nurse Jackie’s Merritt Wever Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy – and I was not just stoked as I love the show, but also quietly proud of myself for spotting her talent early. Yep, I am one of those people who – just like people who claim to have liked bands before they ‘hit the big time’ – likes to see if talent I pick early in their career when they are doing bit parts in movies and TV shows goes on to do big things. And, I have to say, I am pretty happy with my hit rate. I remember watching the mini series State of Play years ago and thinking ‘that young boy James McAvoy looks like he could be interesting’. Same thing with a young Carey Mulligan in Pride and Prejudice. And with Merritt Wever when she had a small role in the fantastic Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. There was just something hugely watchable, amusing and interesting about her. And she has done well – starring in Nurse Jackie and New Girl at the same time, as well as a string of smaller movie roles. Oh, and if you didn’t see her Emmy speech I highly recommend it. Shortest, and (probably) unintentionally funniest, ever. So, let’s see who I pick next – I have to say this Ryan Gosling bloke looks like he could be the real deal 😉

2. The Almighty Johnsons wrapped up their third season: speaking of liking things before other people do (told you the links would be tenuous!), the fantastic kiwi show The Almighty Johnsons finished its third, and in my view best, season this week. For those of you who have never seen it, the show is created by the two brains behind Outrageous Fortune and tells the tale of the Johnson brothers – a group of Aucklanders who also happen to be Norse Gods. The juxtaposition of Auckland suburban life with the pressures of Norse godliness has been brilliantly handled by the crew and cast of this show – and I for one cannot understand why it isn’t a more popular show. It has everything popular shows need these days – good-looking cast, great script, interesting and fast paced story, sex, occasional violence, and bromance. Seriously, there is nothing lacking here. Yet, TV3 really struggled to find an audience for it and, as a result, this is likely to be its final season. This despite the fact that it is airing in the UK and Canada and has just been sold to the SyFi Channel in the US. I just hope it does supremely well in the States – and I think it well might. The production values are fantastic and this season especially the writers have shown a maturity and confidence that you don’t often see in New Zealand small screen drama. If you haven’t given it a decent chance I highly recommend you do – you won’t be disappointed. Trust me, trust my face.

3. A big week for Climate Change: One of the themes in the final season of The Almighty Johnsons was Odin trying to save the world from the end of days, and I couldn’t help ponder climate change when watching the finale (yep, they get more tenuous with each step…). Seriously though, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a new report this week with some dire warnings for governments – the rate of sea level and temperature increase are already ahead of what was predicted and countries simply aren’t doing enough about it. They expect the crucial 2C threshold to be breached not in the next generation but very much so in ours – and maybe within the next 30 years. Couple that with a week in which I got to hear our own Associate Minister for Climate Change repeat a statement I have heard from the current government before – that we won’t do anything about our own ‘negligible’ emissions until the bigger emitters start doing something. Oh and we should definitely plunder our seas for oil and gas so we can cause more emissions. I just about punched something. That whole ‘wait for someone else to take the lead’ approach is inherently flawed. It is like standing on a slowly collapsing bridge and looking around at the fatter people near you who aren’t jumping and going ‘oh well, I will wait until they go’. You are all freaking doomed! UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has invited all countries to attend a summit next year to really thrash out the issues preventing a global agreement. In the meantime though, countries that are taking this seriously really should be doing their best individually to get this done. We don’t need to have global agreement to do that – every household, farm, company, local council and government can make a difference. Every little bit helps. And, in an area where we have environmental refugees on our doorstep on islands where the rise in sea level is already having dangerous impacts – we can’t be laid back about this. ‘She’ll be right, mate’ definitely doesn’t apply here.

So there you go. A random blog to be sure but hopefully something interesting for you all to chew on for a Sunday. Next week I will endeavour to have a more singular focus. But, I am a Libra, so I really can’t guarantee anything 😉


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