Trailer park: winter edition

(for those wondering why no blog last week and why a blog on a Wednesday night – I am away this weekend so thought I would spread out the gap between two in order to ease the pain for those of you who rely on my weekly blog fix. Yes, all one of you ;-))

much adoAs we dust off the heaters, dig out the woolies and digest the stodgy food it is nice to contemplate a few warm hours in a cinema. There is a bit of a dirth of good stuff on at the moment, but rest assured there is HEAPS of awesome looking film fun coming up in the next few months. Here is my pick of the bunch:

Much Ado About Nothing: Shakespeare. Comedy. Joss Whedon. Nathan Fillion. Just one of those elements would generally be enough to pique my interest but ALL FOUR? Consider myself piqued to the maximum degree of piquedness. I loved the Kenneth Branagh/Emma Thompson version of this, but Joss Whedon at the helm? Yes please. Add to that the fact that this trailer is the very definition of cool – right down to the fantastic St Germain soundtrack – and wild horses can’t hold me back from seeing this. And it has just been announced that our very own NZ International Film Fest will be showing this in July. Hell yes – the bard is back!

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints: I had heard some buzz from the festival circuit about this film – and the beguiling and beautiful trailer backs up the buzz. Starring Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara the film appears to (and kudos for not giving too much away, trailer makers) tell the story of a husband covering for his wife who shot a policeman – his subsequent time in jail, then his journey back to her, and her journey while he is away. It just looks stunning, and Affleck and Mara can always be counted on for solid performances. Light on laughs but heavy with heart, this could be the first awards contender we see this year.

Don Jon: I think I have gone on about my fangirl crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt to an almost restraining order worthly amount on this blog, but I just have to continue the trend after seeing the trailer for his new film Don Jon. He doesn’t just star in it – he also wrote and directed it. Levitt plays the titular character, a young man (probably not dissimilar to many young men) who spends more time at the gym and watching porn than they do in the real world. When he meets romantic-comedy obsessed Barbara (played by Scarlett Johansson) he is forced to re-evaluate that and see if he really can function in a real relationship. The trailer is just brilliantly done, right down to the car singing at the end. Just an absolute must see for me.

Pacific Rim: ‘We have cancelled the apocolypse’, says The Wire’s Idris Elba in this trailer from director Guillermo del Toro (he who was going to make The Hobbit). And why have they cancelled the apocolypse? Oh, cos in the future they have invented massive (and I do mean MASSIVE) building sized robots, piloted by humans, who can fight the evil aliens who have taken over the world. Oh yeah, this is a popcorn flick pure and simple. The trailer can only be summarised as stupidly awesome. But something stupidly awesome is just what you need.

About Time: I say the words Rachel McAdams, time travel and romance and you think the Time Traveller’s Wife, right? Well, yes – but also now new brit-flick from those geezers what made Four Weddings and stuff – called About Time. It tells the story of a young man – played by one of the less famous Weasley brothers from Harry Potter – who discovers that the men in his family have the ability time travel. But he doesn’t use it to become a super hero or prevent terrorism, he uses it to improve his love life. But this trailer is just so endearing that you don’t really hold it against him. With McAdams as his beau and Bill Nighy as his Dad, this flick promises laughs a plenty and tears a plenty. Can’t wait.

We’re the Millers: on the face of it this film shouldn’t be good. It stars Jennifer Aniston, who hasn’t been in a good movie since…ok, maybe she never has. It is about a drug deal gone bad. And it contains a bucketload of terrible stereotypes (and that’s just in the trailer). But I dare you to not laugh out loud at least once during the trailer. Basic premise is that Jason Sudekis is a low grade drug guy who is asked to retrieve a small shipment of drugs from Mexico and decides to recruit people from his building (Aniston, playing a stripper, Son of Rambow’s Will Poulter and Emma Roberts) to pretend to be his family. It actually looks like it COULD be well funny, and the supporting cast includes Parks and Rec’s Nick Offerman, so worth a look in for that alone. But will the Aniston curse continue?

Lots of others around too – Man of Steel, Epic and Elysium get honorable mention. So, don’t worry – good movies are coming!


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