Blog less and write more: that is the mission

I would like to start by saying a MASSIVE thanks to everyone who has been following my blog, since its start last year. I expected it to be a hard discipline to maintain, but it has been the opposite – thanks in large part to the great comments I have recieved from many of you (via various methods) over the past months.

And don’t worry, this isn’t a ‘this is the last blog ever’ post. This is just ‘this is the last mid week blog ever’ post. I have been in the habit of doing two blogs a week (or three if the words strike me), but I am going to have to trim that back to one. Why? Not so I can watch more episodes of Girls (though that is tempting). And no, not so I can undertake some newfound need to learn to cook (so overrated). No, the real reason is that I need to spend more time writing fiction – and putting my blogging word count to use in my new book. I also need to spend time working the various avenues available to me in order to get my first book – Angel Incorporated – published.

Unfortunately Random House weren’t interested in publishing my first attempt at fiction, but I am hopeful that if I try a few hundred more publishers and agents I will find one who will at least give me some useful feedback 😉 So that is what I will be spending my non-blogging/non-working time doing for the next few months.

But, fear not, I will ensure that all sensational films, splendid TV shows and super stupid news stories are covered off in my weekly blogs. And thanks again for reading. You guys rock 🙂


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