A few of my favourite things: Summer edition

being humanAs a break from the monotony of film reviews (I am seeing FOUR, count them FOUR, films this weekend), I have compiled another list of my favourite things right now…a bit of a summer edition if you will.

Fave book: Days of Blood and Starlight: I have raved before here about the first in this series from American writer Laini Taylor – Daughter of Smoke and Bone. The sequel, which I devoured over a few days while on holiday, took what was excellent about the first book and made it even more awesome. In the sequel the chimera and the seraphim (angels vs demons) are REALLY going at it, and our two star-crossed lovers are slap bang in the middle. The book doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to the trauma of war – in the same way that The Hunger Games portrayed it with a grim reality rather than a glamorous gung-ho-ness (new word, just made it up). The first in the series is on its way to being a Hollywood flick, and I couldn’t be more excited for this new trilogy, which will more than adequately fill the void when The Hunger Games series wraps up. (And, as an example of how to be a cool author, when I tweeted the author to say how much I loved the book, she tweeted me back right away to say thanks. How cool is that?).

Fave new/old TV show: Being Human (UK): slightly related to the first entry (as Laini Taylor wants The Hobbit’s Aidan Turner to play her lead character and Aidan stars in this show), is this great British TV show that I discovered two weeks ago on special at JB Hi Fi, and have already watched Season 1 as well as bought Seasons 2 and 3 (note – there are only 6 eps per season…). The premise is a simple yet hilarious one – a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost share a flat in Bristol. Yep, you read that right. All three are trying to ‘mainstream’ and be as human as possible while being, clearly, not. Aidan Turner plays the vampire – who is trying to stay on the wagon (read – not kill people), but struggling. Russell Tovey is a werewolf who is trying to balance his being a slightly geeky human most of the time with his being a wolf one night a month. And Lenora Crichlow is a young woman who died in the flat they share, and is trying to work out what it is that is keeping her ‘in between’. The show is a drama but has plenty of laugh out loud moments, and the three leads share a great dynamic. Recommended for fans of quality British drama fans of the supernaturally hot Aidan Turner.

Fave song I never get sick of: Somebody that I used to know (Gotye/Kimbra): I don’t think I have ever come across a song that I never, ever, ever get sick of (definitely not the ‘never, ever, ever’ Taylor Swift one that I was sick of after half a listen). Generally when I love songs I listen to them too much then get sick of them, then rediscover them later. But this one from Australian Gotye and kiwi Kimbra is in a league of its own. If I am not wrong it came out over a year  and a half ago, and has been played over and over on radio and on my ipod. But every time I hear the opening notes I am like ‘yay, love this song’. Not sure what it is about it. Great melody, clever and heartfelt lyrics, lovely harmonising between the two – a combination of all the things? Whatever it is, it is an achievement for sure. And this will never become a song that I used to like (gettit?? ;-))

Fave shopping website: I am not a big online shopper. I do the odd Daily Deal and GrabOne – but generally just when people tell me about a great deal they know I would like. But before Xmas a colleague put me on to Mighty Ape – a dealer of all things DVD/CD/Electronics/Gifts based in Albany (you can collect from them and save the delivery cost if you live nearby). Initially I went to the site to buy an iphone cover that looks like a cassette, but ended up also buying an iphone cover that looks (and smells) like a block of chocolate (kid you not, it does smell like chocolate!). Since then I have found heaps of great deals on the site – including the next two seasons of Being Human mentioned above and some great gift ideas (a storage box shaped like Lego that you can stack like Lego??? Hell yeah!). One of the best Xmas presents I got (thanks Kath!) was also from the site – a mug that looks like R2 D2 and pokes out in all the places R2 does (sounds dodgy – but isn’t). So next time you are looking for a bargain or stuck for a gift idea, check it out (and no, this isn’t a sponsored link, promise!).

So there you go, some random coolness for your Wednesday evening! I will blog some film reviews after this manic weekend of film watching (Lincoln! The Impossible! Rise of the Guardians! (one of these things is not like the others…).


One thought on “A few of my favourite things: Summer edition

  1. Matt is addicted to Mighty Ape. One of our bank accounts had it’s name changes to Mighty Ape. Ha ha ha.

    Yip good song. Agreed. Am quite the fan of Macklemore’s new song ‘Same Love’. The lady (Mary Lambert) makes me want to go gay, so she can sing about me…. ha ha

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