Trailer Park: January Edition

zero darkSo as a new year begins, many cast their eyes forward to the horizon, making resolutions and plans. Well I hereby both resolve and plan to watch more movies in 2013 than I did in 2012. I am confident this never before done feat can be achieved, and the current crop of mouth-watering trailers help me steel myself for this resolution. So here is the cream of the current trailer crop, as I see it:

Zero Dark Thirty: this film about the capture of Osama Bin Laden is getting Oscar buzz aplenty, and the three trailers so far released have done a great deal to capture my interest. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow of Hurt Locker fame, this new film seems to have a great deal of her previous outings’ intensity and action. There is also a Homeland vibe here, with the main character being a loner female CIA agent played by Jessica Chastain. Add in fabulous support players in the form of Mark Strong, Joel Edgerton and (a very fit looking) Chris Pratt, and this is a must see. Jan 31st can’t come soon enough.

This is 40: This (sort of) sequel to Knocked Up sees Judd Apatow behind the camera again, directing Katherine Heigl’s sister and brother in law from the original movie in their own story – about reaching the milestone age of 40. The trailer contains many hilarious moments, and this doesn’t appear to be an ‘all the best bits are in the trailer’ type deal. A fantastic cast – many from the stable of Apatow – including his wife Leslie Mann, his kids, as well as Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Chris O’Dowd, Melissa McCarthy and Albert Brooks – were encouraged to ad lib on set, and that relaxed, funny vibe comes through in the trailer. It looks like a funny, sunny, real look at life at that age (which I am obviously miles away from ;-)) and should be a good watch.

The Great Gatsby: I find Baz Luhrmann a little hit and miss – loved Strictly Ballroom and Romeo and Juliet, but didn’t enjoy Moulin Rouge (yep, my sister didn’t speak to me for a week after I told her that) or Australia. And I wasn’t sure about this new star-studded adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel until I saw the second – more musical – trailer. It has a great cast for sure – Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey McGuire, Carey Mulligan and Joel Edgerton – and it just looks stunning. Add in Baz’s musical bent, and it may just well be a modern classic. But we won’t know for sure until May when it hits cinemas. Fingers crossed it falls on the right side of my Baz line…

Star Trek Into Darkness: This trailer got HEAPS of pre-release buzz (buzz for a trailer? Oh yes), and I was underwhelmed the first time I saw it – mostly because they seem to have used the same score from Inception. But on a second and third watch it has set up a pretty amazing looking film. I didn’t love the first one (in this series of Star Trek’s that is) – but this one looks like it could be a step up, and some of the action set pieces look incredible. Only downside with the trailer – Simon Pegg only appeared briefly once, and same with Karl Urban – and they were the two highlights of the first film for me. But Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain looks brilliant, so roll on May I say.  (I note also that they are attempting to avoid the recent ‘curse of all movies with commas in the title’ by leaving it out entirely. Let’s see if that play works out for them…)

Warm Bodies: Could it be that this film is inventing a brand new genre – the Zom Com? Yes, you heard me right, from the trailer it appears that this is somewhat of a zombie romance, with main character R (played by Nicholas Hoult – yes, that kid from About a Boy all grown up) being a zombie who falls for a human girl and, in the process, appears to become…less zombie. Appears ridiculous, but the trailer is well funny, as well as looking pretty action packed. John Malkovich looks menacing as the girl’s father and chief zombie hunter, and comedian Rob Corddry looks amusing as R’s best friend (in as much as zombies can have best friends). The first four minutes of the film are online too, and the film appears to have a great deal of satirical social commentary thrown in. Can’t wait.

World War Z:  Zombies definitely seem to be getting their day in the sun (at least they can go in the sun, eat that wussy vampires!) and here we see some super fast, super scary zombies trying to take over the world. Brad Pitt (again looking hotter with age) plays a UN worker who is pulled in to try and stop the zombie apocalypse. The trailer ratchets up the tension pretty effectively, and the final scene of a massive and building pyramid of climbing zombies is pretty freaky. The Walking Dead has rekindled my zombie interest (after the fantastic Zombieland a few years back), and this looks to be a great watch too.

Ginger and Rosa: and for something completely different, a British film set in 1960s London about two teenage girls who are best friends and facing the pressures of growing up while also getting involved in the anti-nuclear movement. Elle Fanning stars as one of the girls, and looks like a scene stealer here (she was fantastic in Super 8 – which I would highly recommend). The film also stars Alessandro Nivola, who I have had a massive soft spot for since I saw him in Laurel Canyon years ago (he was also Nicholas Cage’s – or was it John Travolta’s? – brother in Face Off). Here he plays Ginger’s somewhat shady father who appears to develop a romantic interest in his teenage daughter’s best friend. With support from Annette Benning, Christina Hendricks and Oliver Platt (I love Oliver Platt!), it looks like a really interesting watch, and at least a break from all the zombies 😉

So there you go – a sample of some upcoming cinematic explorations. At least we know when summer ends, the fun won’t all be over!warm bodies


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