Of Conchords & Kids

So I think I have watched the Flight of the Conchords (and Friends) Cure Kids charity single ‘Feel Inside (and stuff like that)’ video approximately fifteen times since I first saw it last week. In addition, I have downloaded the song and have listened to it another twenty times at least.  I am not much for repeat music video watching, and tend to tire of songs after a few too many repeat listens. But this one never fails to bring a smile to my face and a chortle to my throat (is that where chortles originate? I am going to go with yes…). Which led me to ponder, what about it makes it so freaking appealing? Well, this is what I think…

Kids: They say never work with kids and animals. But in this case working with kids was not just a nice tie-in with the charity they were raising money for, but also brought about the most hilarious song lyrics ever seen in a charity song. Kids have a way of being brutally honest and insanely creative all at the same time – which was fantastic fodder for two musos known for putting the random into rhythm and rhyme. These kids came up with some brilliant explanations for how the economy really works (and why Premier House has an account set up at Freedom Furniture), how to raise money (rob the robbers, get more teeth for the tooth fairy),  and what the worst kind of sick is (spewing, and I totally agree). Then Bret and Jermaine worked their musical magic and we see all aforementioned things mentioned in song, often using the words straight out of the kids’ mouths. Genius.

Kiwi musos working together: There is something about people, especially famous people who may or may not have met before, coming together to do something original and different – whether for charity or otherwise. Not only does it create a high likelihood of ‘look-in’ viewers/listeners (ie, anyone who is a fan of anyone involved will want to check it out), but putting so many different and creative people together creates a brilliant hodgepodge of musicality. Guaranteed, it doesn’t always work – but it does here, and FotC did well by selecting a wide range of musicians from various genres to be involved (is it a genre if it is a type of music? Again, I am going with yes…but with less certainty than before). My other favourite example of this – but in a very different context and not for charity was Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘I’m f***ing Ben Affleck’ – which utilised the musical (and otherwise) skills of A –listers like Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle and, to hilarious affect, Harrison Ford.

It’s just a good song: Putting aside the snort-inducing lyrics and star-studded cast for a second, ‘Feel Inside (and stuff like that)’, is just a bloody catchy tune. There are no bum notes or performances, and no lyrics that just don’t really work (and you have to admire their starting off with rhyming ‘hosital, lospital, mospital’). It jumps well from vocals to rap and back again, and never lags. And in the mandatory-for-a-charity-song ‘all together now’ finale, they all sound REALLY GOOD. Quite an achievement.

Those three things, in this humble first-time blogger’s opinion, are the key to why this song has been and will continue to be such a hit. Big ups to everyone involved, especially Bret, Jermaine and the kids. And thanks for inspiring a name for my blog 😉 Check back next week for more stuff like this…


6 thoughts on “Of Conchords & Kids

  1. Nice start Jess – though I now have the FOTC (and friends) song in my head AND I want M and M’s after reading your review system . . . good work!

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